5 Security tips to working from home WFH

5 Security tips to WFH

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are implementing work from home policies in order to adapt to the environment and continue with their daily business. That means lots of us are dealing with this challenge: working from home for the first time or full-time.

Technology is what enables remote work in the first place. Whether it’s done by choice or by necessity. Working from home also has its benefits, to help; here are 5 tips to keep yourself safe from cybercriminals as you are working from home.

1.Secure connections

Since your personal devices and work devices are connected to the same internet connection, secure your home WiFi with a strong password, and change it at least every month to minimize the risk. Always use a corporate provided VPN before accessing your work email. Do not use the same password on every account; if a cybercriminal uses tactics such as social engineering to get access to a password, it’s easy for the criminal to access all other accounts which are using the same email address. Subscribe to learn how to create a strong memorisable password

2.Email Security

Scammers use email or text communications to trick you into giving sensitive information. If your credentials have been compromised, cybercriminals could gain access to your email, bank, and other accounts. According to the Federal Trade Commission, scammers are launching thousands of phishing attacks every day and they’re regularly making successful attacks. Easily identify a sophisticated phishing email or text before taking an action.
Learn how.


Remote administration software is not always used for good. Once a malicious program is on your PC, hackers can see what you are doing online, access messages, take screenshots, keystrokes, and take full control of your device camera. Hackers can turn the camera in use indicating light off if, it has a light, so you may never realize that you are being watched.

4.Anti-Virus Program

Antivirus is essential on both personal and work devices since your devices are connected to the same network and all connected devices communicate with the WIFI router. The Windows 10 default enabled antivirus provides great defense. However, two programs are always a better mechanism to detect malicious programs. Free Anti-Virus program are not really free anymore. We recommend purchasing AV software depending on your requirements. Find the most suitable Anti-Virus program for your home devices. Read more.

5.Security Awareness training

Working from home during a pandemic is difficult and if you are new to the virtual world, it can stress you out. In addition to daily work, our security awareness program can help you to take a break from your daily routine. By achieving ranks you can earn experience points while maintaining productivity. Since working from home impacts all industries, security awareness can help you to use technology with confidence. Subscribe.