Basic duo security layers on login credentials

Your email is publicly available in social media, resume, blogs, publications, you name it. Based on recent vulnerability study we have discovered that using the primary email for login credentials on different online platforms are commonly use due to the fact it’s easy to memorize. However, there is a potential security risk since a hacker only needs to guess just the password. Moreover, security questions such as Pet’s name is easy to find online depend on the information available in social media platforms such as pictures, comments, few illegal methods criminals are using to gain access. Since you have limitations when selecting security questions, it’s always good to use random names when answering security questions. Highly recommend not to use your current or names of pets you had. This applies to all security questions.

Online banking, financial, healthcare, accounts are always a potential target and we suggest you to use different user names since it’s simply giving two layers of security for cyber criminals when an attempt to access your valuable data and privacy, rather just one layer of security which is your password if you use the email address that publicly available. Different usernames can stop hackers from penetrating into multiple accounts. Moreover, two-factor authentication is a step highly recommend by security professionals since it has remote access stopping power in most situations. By the law, it’s a crime to access someone’s account without any notification. Same as someone’s attempt to enter into your property, you have the right to ask a warrant.

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