Mobile Hotspot security pros and cons.

Public wifi information security concerns are dramatically increasing, specially at your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, public free WIFI which hackers can remotely monitor to harvest information. Your sensitive information at risk which can expose data even if your home wifi is connected to multiple IOT devices. If the devices are not updated, or password is not strong enough, hackers can gain access to sensitive information. With a dramatic increase in cyberattacks and cybercrimes, security experts are greatly concern about working from home security risks and methods to improve online security. As a basic solution is using a mobile hotspot with VPN to keep your wireless connection dedicated to yourself and limit connected devices within the mobile hotspot. Even you can easily identify connected devices.


It’s easy to setup a dedicated secured connection with your mobile phone. Mobile hotspot feature is available on the latest smartphones, you do not have to spend an additional cost to purchase a hotspot device or connect to public free wifi. keeping  a dedicated connection separate home and work data which improves privacy, if your work related to Confidential Information and should not merge with personal life, a Virtual Private Network is ideal, connection encrypts the communication and highly recommend to purchase VPN which applies zero log policy to improve data security and protect your privacy. The mobile hotspot can easily deploy from your device, please search by the device model if you need additional information on how to setup. Depending on the mobile device carrier, you can purchase data protection services to avoid the risk of private data misused by potential insiders (insider threat) which has been reported in several incidents. You can easily connect to secured from anywhere even if your home wifi has poor coverage to your backyard or favorite outdoor spot.


Depending on your data connection and signal strength, connection disruption and data speed may vary. It’s possible to remotely access to information if the mobile hotspot password is as default or not strong enough. Learn to create a strong password, moreover, depending on mobile network carrier, you might receive poor signal strength which can disrupt your work.

By following basic security steps, you can safeguard your work and reduce the potential risk of losing your job due to data breaches. To learn more, subscribe free security awareness. Train your brain to identify phishing, ransomware emails at anytime even using your mobile phone, tablet pc or personal computer. Improve your data security and privacy.