Privacy Pen Pros and Cons

Invincible pens or the privacy pens were in the market for longer period. However, these pens can be used to write your login credential in a safer manner compared to ink pens. In many incidents, security experts have been pointing the risk of loosing login credentials at work place since workforce lose the papers which have credentials to security tools and access to business confidential information. Cyber security experts have explained this matter but there is no solution yet given since employees have to use multiple tools and software at workplace, also its not practical to memorize all passwords. As a solution, cyberdrip cyber security tested invisible pens to prevent the risk of loosing credentials that written in papers. Result better than using ink pens to write credentials.

Invisible pens or privacy pens which are know available in the market to purchase for affordable price which is a perfect solution compared to ink pens if your considering privacy and confidentiality. Even this can be used to write your diary, or send a secured letter to someone. Disadvantage of this solution as any other, someone with a UV blue light can read it. However, this solution is much more secured compared the ink pens which is visible to eye. As a security professional, this solution is not the perfect method to store credentials but recommend giving it a try for those who write credentials on paper.

Privacy pens have less liquid life and writing capacity, compared to ink pens and blue light in the pen has lifetime depending on the juice in battery and, in many pens available in the market, that batteries cannot be changed. Also, privacy pens are not available in every store to purchase. Some pens are not functioning properly, for example UV tested blue light and liquid in the pens not functioning equally compared to ink pens. Privacy pen is not flexible enough compared to ink pen when writing long paragraphs.

In conclusion, as an affordable security solution this product can be used for numerous reasons. Moreover, its affordable to purchase and no age limit if you are concerning the privacy and confidentiality. By writing credentials in a paper which has printed letters can somewhat encrypt the credential visibility and possibility of identifying the credentials written in the paper. This solution not the perfect method to store your credentials, however it’s a better solution when compared to writing from a ballpoint pen or ink pen.