Security tips before using credit or debit card

Modern day online shopping and services take a valuable addition to our busy lifestyle. From shopping to basic services, now we can make payments online. However, the risk and potential chances of loosing data didn’t decreased. To identify before make a payment online here are some key points before using your card or payment method. Here are three valuable steps to avoid leaking card information while purchasing online.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured or Secured Socket layer creates a encryption between customer and service provider to transfer credit or debit card information securely. To easily identify, you can point your eyes to the top left side on address bar and navigate mouse point on lock or shield icon and click to find more information about SSL certificate. Highly recommend not to use personal information and credit card information on a not secured webpage. On checkout page make sure webpage has SSL (HTTPS) since sometime https not within all pages.

Public WiFi

Freely available WiFi which have potential risk of remotely accessing by cyber criminals due to the accessibility and lack of security measures in many service providers based on research study. VPN is a great option but we highly recommend not to use public WiFi for online shopping, or make payments online. Instead, recommend using you mobile device as a personal hotspot. Please search online if your mobile device support this feature, and how to enable for dedicated personal connection.

Seller or service provider

No matter how you follow above steps, your payments still at risk if the other party has been hacked or spoofed. As an example please identify the risk on below email which appear as trusted source. To identify a scam, careful analyze the email which received to make a payment. Spoofing is a technical term use by security experts which hackers can use trusted source such as email (domain) appear with the service providers actual domain to harvest personal information and credit or debit card information. To avoid potential risk of loosing your credentials, highly recommended to use an anti-virus program on both mobile and personal computer since these types of attacks hard to identify on naked eye. Learn to analyze an email before take action. Subscribe Premium for as low as $1.65 per month. cancel at anytime.