5 reasons why need to introduce cybersecurity awareness program tool for your employees.

Cyber-crimes are not going away. It’s essential to train your employees to identify suspicious emails, devices, and also security measures to reduce the risk of data breaches, and information leaks within your organization. Here are 5 reasons why every organization mandatory to train employees and benefits of adapting cybersecurity awareness online tool.


  1. Availability

Information Technology department usually responsible to deploy fundamental security tools and organization information security depending on the size of corporation. However, employees are playing a major role when it comes to information security and assurance. Provide a web-based security awareness tool to employees that can access to online learning tool from internal and external network. It’s ideal to purchase a program that can access from mobile phone, tablet PC and personal computer.

  1. Employee friendly

Most cybersecurity awareness programs are implemented to train employees, however common mistake employees do by forwarding phishing emails to co-workers that spread the threat all around organization network. To reduce the risk of spreading, it’s essential to adapt a tool for employees to access the learning tool whenever possible to help, identify and take appropriate action. Keep it in pocket that can access even from mobile phone.

  1. Web-based over paper

Contactless cybersecurity awareness tool can increase the employee engagement with the tool. As result improve skills, and awareness within both organization and while working from home. Moreover, easy accessibility to online learning base with point system and rank increase employee interest to learn and get help when require.

  1. Self-learning

Majority of employees that been victims of cyber-attacks due to lack of skill and practice to identify a threat before take action. Attachments, links and misrepresentation are common threats. Retaking self-learning programs, which are designed to assist in order to reduce the risk within your organization, improve and build self-defense and confidence for employees. Improve skills form a tool that can be access. Keep a tool to access within your fingertips.

  1. Anti-virus program and human firewall

Anti-virus program provide protection for system. However, some programs are not capable of detecting via anti-virus program due to sophisticated tactics used by hackers. Duo protection that enables additional security layer within employees. Introduce a simplified training tool to improve human firewall.  Help your employees  to identify, and take appropriate action. Get premium subscription.

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