Why us can bring right audience?

Marketing has always been about connecting with your product or service-related audience in the right place. Today, that means you need to meet them where they are already spending time on the internet. Promote cybersecurity products to the audience interested. Target market audience to maximize views and increase sales. Our audience base interested in new security related products. With targeted audience maximize revenue and fan base.

Campaign type 1 (Digital Banner)

  1. Direct audience to web page.
  2. Direct audience to Social media (Facebook, Linkedin etc).
  3. Introduce product and direct to both web page and social medial audience.


Campaign standard duration 30 days.

Campaign type 2 (Digital Banner and Blog post)

  1. Product review blog page and full site campaign to target audience.
  2. Trust security related or digital product review. Sample product or service required to review.
  3. Blog post period (Life time)

Campaign standard duration for full site banners 30 days period blog post lifetime.


Campaign type 3 (Blog post)

  1. Product review blog post lifetime with targeted traffic.
  2. Digital or physical product non biased review (Sample required).
  3. Introduce product to a true audience and direct to checkout page.

Campaign duration lifetime.


Campaign Type Duration Price
Type 1 30 Days $ 350 USD
Type 2 30 Days plus lifetime blog $ 500 USD
Type 3 Lifetime $ 1000 USD