Cyber security awareness how to play (playbook) user guide. Online, remote, and open for all countries. 

Cyber security awareness training

How to play (playbook) user guide. Online, remote, or at your work place and open for all countries. 

Cyberdrip understand why defensive internet security is important, in order subscribe the service for 3 years free period, you must register as a member on cyberdrip online defense training network. As a beginner, intermediate or expert level user age above 13 years (or the appropriate age depending on the country). Also, corporate membership is available up to infinite number of employees. The programs are designed to adapt it to all environments which use a personal computer, mobile device, or tablet PC. Implemented to get knowledge, identify specific threat type and take appropriate action.

On cyberdrip, Cyber threats are only simulations which attempt to bring real world experience on any device which has internet connection. However, the threat will not do any harm to members because programs are designed to simulate the threat in a sandbox environment. The mission is to build a defense team or individual that can identify a phishing, ransomware, or any malicious program before take an action by the player. Specially designed to identify email phone calls, and text messages before user’s response. Programs are divided in to steps which enable members within the defense network to pause and continue from where stopped, which reduce the stress to focus on a topic and absorbs more skill to the brain which has also applied educational psychology.

To achieve the highest rank, player need to earn points and each program worth 120 points. Even you have successfully completed the program or not, end of each training you will be displayed achieved total points and most correct answers. Please note this is a skilled development training.  Bronze, Silver, and Gold badges are the ranking levels that can be achieved.  Please note, programs are designed as a game mode for the purpose of entertainment and improve user interaction.  Also, point system is only for the purpose of meter the time which player spends on programs and to level up the rank automatically calculate and display without any help of an instructor. Less expensive but powerful online tool that can support when you need assistant which build with automation. cyberdrip is the number one cybersecurity awareness training and cost effective for any organization which would like to improve defense.

Unlike any other online product in the market, membership brings great potential for user to learn tricks, tactics and at the same time enjoy while interacting with your pack of programs right on your fingertips. Digitally innovated to improve scalability and supply to the demand of interest within everyone before face a real internet cyber threat or improve what’s possible to improve independently. Working as a buddy, to help on leisurely, on a break, or even at your work desk. Implemented to interact independently and achieve your skills which do not provide by any other online tool available on the internet.

Internet security tools and systems are playing a major role but individual training help your self to use the technology every day that can use with confidence because in to the tool, you can access from any IOT device which support a web browser. Contact-less and remote ready or workforce for the purpose of decrease the risk and improve the level of knowledge to identify an internet cyber attack which industries use the internet of things. Broad internet security front line risk covered by a single membership.

Programs guide you to achieve the skill goals that enough to self-aware without over thing on cybersecurity. If you do not remember, simply replay any program that are designed as virtual gaming experience.  Only organization authorized online game that can play at your work desk or at your favorite place to less think and more do to improve skill that unlike any other training program designed to develop safety on the internet. Explore the internet threat world before or even after if a stranger attempt to steal your digital asset without knowing since most valuable things are now digitally available as a digital copy.

Re-engineered to satisfy your internet security needs and wants with simple virtual game method. Play when you have leisure time. The highest rank indicate that will help you to critically think before click a link, attachment or a file. Let’s get started achieving the highest skill level on internet security.

Extra points: for using the network and interaction.  For logged in members, approved Comments 30 points, 30 point and additional points to achieve daily dose of Internet security training. Registered members only.


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