Cyber Security

Cybercrimes are not going away.

Cybersecurity awareness is critical to your survival in any industry that is dominated by growth in cybercrime. Most of us probably know about reputation-damaging hacks, which seem to be more and more common. Organizations implement firewalls, comprehensive cybersecurity defense systems, and sophisticated IT protocols to keep themselves safe from online threats.

As our world becomes more connected through developments in technology, hacking and cyber-attack methods are advancing too. To avoid getting caught, cybercriminals have become savvier at developing scams and tricking victims without disrupting business operations.

The following are some of the potential impacts your business could face if it falls victim to a
• Loss of revenue.
• Reputation damage.
• Loss of clients.
• Operational disruptions.
• Lawsuits.
• Compromised client data, sensitive business information, and equipment.

Based on research findings and statistics, it has been identified that cybersecurity breaches mostly occur due to human errors. Cybercriminals use sophisticated social engineering mechanisms to gain access. Links, attachments, and spoofing techniques are some of the common threats reported as suspicious by employees in most large organizations.

What’s included in our cybersecurity awareness programs?

• Common threats and newly immerged threats.
• Defensive measures.
• Real-world threat simulation.
• Ranking System.
• Mature cybersecurity awareness training programs.
• Help to reinforce existing knowledge by taking over 50+ pre-built programs.
• Updated constantly.
• Direct report from each program summary sent to the organization. (Tracking purposes).
• Annual report (Includes Security assessment).
• Long term sustainment.
• Accessibility (Anytime… Anywhere…).

Subscription Plans:

Subscribers can access the programmes via personal and workstation devices thanks to cloud-based engineering. Our data processing systems are automated to provide a mission-ready environment. The exclusive 2 year subscription for businesses and organizations provides a dedicated platform inside the system that generates each report instantly for the organization for tracking and analysis. Our service is simple but powerful enough to
provide a positive impact upon the organization’s security culture.

A major improvement in the system is the availability. In most organizations, awareness programs force employees to complete selected programs before a due date. For decades this has been a common practice followed by organizations across the world. However, it hasn’t improved the security level in most cases due to both the lack of employee engagement and availability to systems when a suspicious threat event occurred. Our programs are implemented with recommended principles and methods while combining psychology and technology together in order to improve the user experience. Our programs are developed by a security expert with years of experience, including research data and SOC security experience for analyzing large numbers of security threat alerts from emails, text, as well as security alerts generated by sophisticated security tools.

We invite you to explore our processes and learn more about our security awareness programs. It really is an essential system for your organization security. The deployment period is based on the number of employees that subscribe to our service. Request a quote and our representatives will reach out to you soon.

Train yourself or employees with our cybersecurity awareness programs. Easy access to our platform anytime… anywhere…


Every time visitors go to your website to make a purchase, they’re also trusting you. We provide solutions to keep your site safe, not only by automatically finding and eliminating malware, but also by scanning and removing security gaps that hackers could use to break in (backdoors, scripts, etc) preventing future malware problems with your website.

Did you know?

Malware can steal customer passwords and credit card numbers secretly
on your website, destroy your website links and pages or use your server to
launch attacks? Our solutions scan your website to find and completely
remove malware before it can affect you or your customers.


1. Daily scans of your whole website for injected malware, backdoors, etc…
2. Cleaning and removal of infected files from the server.
3. Installation of SSL for a secure site, and to show your customers they are safe.



  • Security alerts to email
  • SiteLock Trust
  • Seal Search engine blacklist monitoring
  • Spam blacklist monitoring
  • Expert support
  • A daily scan


We provide solutions tailored to your organization’s and industry’s unique needs in the following areas:

HIPAA Compliant Application | Hosting & Security Solution‎s (Consulting)

Our story: Cyberdrip pvt(ltd) – Since 2009

We have been in the online application development business since 2009. That’s over 10 years of friendly customer service and satisfaction all around the world. Cyberdrip is an experienced web solution services company for all your cloud-based needs. By understanding the processes of your organization, we are able to utilize our security experience, skills and technological knowledge to build a complete cloud solution, including cybersecurity that will secure your online business and services now and in the future.

We invite you to explore our processes and learn much more about our security awareness and cybersecurity learning programs. We specialize in cloud based solutions and hosting on trusted servers for your businesses, personal, and e-commerce. We have more than 10 years of UI and UX design and extensive technological
expertise. Because of that, we know what people expect. Our creations work with new web technologies. Yet our commitment to our clients doesn’t stop with great cloud solutions, we provide every service necessary for your business to succeed including penetration testing, vulnerability management, and monitoring everything in between. Whether you need an online store using eCommerce strategy or are just looking for a piece of the puzzle, we are capable of delivering outstanding results in every area.

Note: Below some cybersecurity services require authorization from the target or client.

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