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The lack of cybersecurity practices in our world means that both businesses and people at home are vulnerable to cyber-criminals and cyber-attacks. The tool is simple and powerful enough to create self-assured individuals or groups with a security conducive culture in order to improve security measures anywhere. 

Explore advantages over a paper-based, and realistic cyber security awareness.

Capture the Flag-Defensive Training

Train your brain

Phishing emails are among the most common method hackers gain access to valuable information and data. Learn how to identify, before response to email, click on links or download.

Understand the reasons

Learn why you need to stay secured while using the internet, or IOT. Educate your business, organization employees to minimize the human errors. Working from home, or at your workstation.

Universal Awareness

Programs are designed and build to educate all industries workforce to continue sustainable digital world and secured tactics and methods. Ready to introduce to your business or organization.

Confidence Booster

By taking our security awareness programs, you can feel confident using the technology you need and avoid becoming a victim. Get access to phishing simulations and more.

Defensive Training

Easily identify phishing emails and take appropriate action. Reduce false positive reports (good emails marked as bad). Affordable pricing for better security awareness training.


All simulations and training programs are online and our tool is easy to access, even through your mobile device. Easy accessibility generates more effective and efficient results.Work independently or as a group.

Star Gate Mystery

Game and History.

The game mode unveil the truth of UFO Unidentified Flying Objects were existed in the history goes far beyond to 7th century. The graph figure above carved in to the rock possibly is a puzzle which demonstrate many patterns for historians around the world. However based on pattern detection, the Star Gate puzzle reveal the only possible evidence which is available to proof that extraterrestrial engagement with humans and knowledge sharing has been a part for centuries. Golden Garden is a archaeological park which had the puzzle carved in to a rock. It is situated close to Tissa lake (man made lake) that unable to explain how sea creatures appeared to be icons to carve on the graph in the ancient sacred city since the map is located far from the sea. The map or the puzzle contains patterns which unveil star ships similar designed graphs that is impossible to believe as true but based on evidence which unveil through the game, you might have fair enough reasons to believe that human brain traveled far beyond the knowledge during the century which carved this map in to a rock that currently available for public view. This has been sitting in the garden for centuries and the decryption of possible patterns researched in 2021 by cyberdrip after 14 centuries from the period which build the ancient city. The game story designed to unveil the starships on map due to engineering, and technological miracles and designs unveiled far beyond the possible technology that currently exist in earth.

Entrance to the Star Gate

The members at your school or workplace become warrior to unveil the science fictional truth of star gate. Play like any other card games, but the difference is that you will be part of finding true possible star-ship designs recreated that carved and hidden in the map during 7th century. The main goal is to update cyber security practices, security and skills which unveiled the importance of technological security knowledge that lays on your fingertips to current date.

How to reveal encrypted Star-ships (Digital Designed – Remastered)

The game will enable the members to earn xp coin for playing pack of cards contain real world internet security events and answer while updating knowledge, earn coins to purchase and reviled star-ships which is undetectable to see via naked-eye through the publicly available star gate carved in to rock. The digital cards containing 26 decks and keep update. End of each deck completion you will be rewarded coin worth 120 (points) while earning the badges from Bronze, Silver, to Gold. You can shop the star ships reviled graphs and download to (frame, print on a t shirt or mug as you wish) from gold points that you earned. Please note: this will reduce the rank or the badge that you have earned. Which designed to demonstrate human behavior that impact current business confidentiality, trust that highly important for any person. Since insider threat drive employees to sale company confidential digital assets which eventually impact employee quality as part of digital device users.

This knowledge sharing program combined with real world situations, archaeological facts in to scientifically fictional digital game that encourage you to find possible truth of extraterrestrials and humans knowledge shared to improve technology in early centuries which is unable to believe that existed during non analog and digital technology existing period. As we drive in the 21st century in technologically improved global society, identify the importance of secure use of internet of things and cyber security skills to stay safe, tactics and practice in current cyber world. Please note, the game is designed as a matching, catch and collect also solitaire which is very similar game types played using card decks.

How Cyber Security Awareness can help?

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Financial institutions are being more rapidly targeted with phishing scams.


The healthcare industry is being targeted with data breaches, and fraud scams.


Businesses are targeted by inside threats and email compromises.

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